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rob vlam

Rob Vlam

Trombone, Vocals, Arrangements

Rob has been a band member of the Freetime from the very beginning. As a leader/arranger he had a great influence on the creation of the characteristic "Freetime sound". In his younger years he was taught by Henk van Bergen (for many years a member of the Concertgebouworkest), later he graduated from the conservatory of Alkmaar. His very own style still has a lot of imitation with other trombonists and certainly in Enkhuizen his influence can be heard clearly. Rob himself was inspired by trombonists such as Jack Teagarden, J.C. Higginbotham, Chris Barber and Dick Kaart.

piet de wit

Piet de Wit


Piet is also co-founder of the Freetime. As a banjo player, Piet has developed his own style, in which traces of Eddie Smith, Ari Ligthart and Jim McIntosh can be heard. Furthermore, he is known as the banjoist with "the lowest hanging banjo in Europe". Together with brother Jaap he had an audio shop in the city center of Enkhuizen. Because of his organizing qualities, he is the driving force behind the band. In the past he has also been closely involved in the organization of the Enkhuizer Jazz festival.

jaap de wit

Jaap de Wit

Double Bass, Sousaphone, Bass Saxophone

Jaap (also from the formation of the band) his original instrument was trombone, but when Rob already played this, he took up the double bass. He immediately purchased the famous sousaphone, which he plays to this day. With this instrument he has demolished stages and just barely blown down walls, although this often made little difference. Despite his violent musical excesses, Jaap loves peace in daily life. He knows how to convey the love for jazz music, this is evident from the fact that his sons are also part of a jazz formation.

pieter de wit

Pieter de Wit


Pieter started playing drums at a young age with Hans Peter Pluim, trumpet teacher at the West Friesland music school, and for more than twenty years trumpeter-singer in the Freetime Old Dixie Jass Band. After a few years he became the drummer for The Hot Revial Stompers. He was also represented in the Big easy Rascals. Both orchestras have performed for many years in many countries of Western Europe. From now on he can be heard in the Freetime Old Dixie Jass Band in which he forms the rearguard together with his father and uncle.

harm hillegers

Harm Hillegers


Harm's musical career started at the music school where he received a classical education. Around the age of 17 he came into the field of vision of our great trumpeter Hans Peter Pluim who, as a music teacher, gave Harm a huge boost. A Jazz Ensemble of talents formed where Harm developed enormously. This gave rise to the Oriental Jazz Band, which is very well known in Europe amongst Jazz enthousiasts. Stylistically, he has parallels in the game with Jack Gilbert.

keesjan hoogeboom

Keesjan Hoogeboom